Angele Sionna
Restaurant Reviewer/Food Writer/Editor/Co-Founder, Out West Food Review

Angele is a mother of two beautiful girls, Ava and Ellerie with a baby boy on the way. She has lived in (and enjoyed the fine foods of) Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Chicago, New York City, Salt Lake City, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Flagstaff. Angele’ loves to travel and taste the foods of the world. Among her favorite places are Zermatt, Switzerland; Dublin, Ireland; Edinburgh, Scotland; Austin, Boston, Chicago, and of course Flagstaff. When she and her family aren’t traveling or going out to eat, she enjoys movies, writing, and creating digital artwork. Angele also writes the food column for Flagstaff Live!, a travel column, and a national parenting column, in addition to other freelance assignments from other media outlets. Be sure to check those out too.

Jerry Ireland
Food Critic/Co-Founder, Out West Food Review

Jerry is a journalist and self-proclaimed food snob. He is from Chicago, which he considers the food capital of the world. Jerry appreciates the uniqueness of hole-in-the-wall spots and makes it his mission to try them all. Jerry lives in Flagstaff.




Arikka Fullmer
Restaurant Reviewer/FoodWriter

Arikka is a part-time restaurant reviewer and full time journalist based in Salt Lake City. She has also lived and worked across New Mexico. Arikka travels extensively across the world. She appreciates a good burger as much as she does deluxe entrees from the finest dining establishments across the globe.

One Response to “Our Staff”

  1. Laura Sabo Says:

    I’m a food writer/reviewer living in beautiful Portland, Oregon. Do you need a contributor from the Pacific Northwest? It’s still “out west”. If so, I’d love to be your gal. Besides my website address above, samples of my writing can also be seen at Thank you for your time.

    Laura Sabo

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